"I felt so glad to have found Bev, she is so welcoming, easy to talk to and helped guide me through some challenging times. Thank you for all your support Bev!".

"A safe space to express what I feel, without judgement or unrequested help, or feeling that I need to fit into a box for a particular diagnosis/solution, nor the concern that what I say would cloud Bev's future opinion of me"

"I really value my time with Bev and I am grateful for all she has helped me with. Bev is a very approachable counsellor and I found it easy to talk to her through some personal struggles I was experiencing. She made me feel listened to, that I wasn't being judged in any way and I came away from her sessions in a better place".

"I can unburden myself without fear of repercussion, it's not necessary to consider the therapists feelings due to her independence, as they have no attachment to the problem"

"Bev made me feel very relaxed and really helped me. I would recommend her to anyone".

"Being able to express and air my feelings has allowed me to solve my problems"